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Artisan Coffee That Generates Forests

Slow coffee is available in six different roast levels, both in beans and ground coffee. Find your favourite and grow forests one coffee cup at a time!

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Know What You Drink – and Learn How You Can Help the World’s Forests by Choosing Slow.

 “Being a partner of Slow Forest Coffee has given us a new understanding of sustainable coffee. Aside from their tasty artisan coffees, we are immensely proud to have joined their mission to protect and regenerate the forests in Laos. Coffee tastes even better when you know about positive impacts to farmers and forests!

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“We partnered with Slow, not only for the pleasant taste of their coffee but also because of their ecologically and socially sustainable way of producing the coffee.”


“The best thing about our partnership with Slow Forest Coffee is the full traceability of the coffee farmers. We are thrilled to have Family Teng as our coffee supplier directly from Laos. Through Slow, we can connect with the family and get an update from them at any time. We are not only helping the farmers improve their livelihoods, but also be their partner in protecting the forests. Kudos to Slow for bringing us closer to the coffee farmers and giving us the chance to be their partner. Here’s to more years of partnership and great coffee!”

Bakery Jyvä